Thursday, June 14, 2018

Worship is not for The Divine.

I was just reading Marcus Borg's The Heart of Christianity. There is a point in chapter Eight where Borg points out that Worship of the Divine is not totally for the benefit of the Divine. It is for the benefit of the Worshipers.

I long ago realized that for the most part occasions such as funerals, weddings, and graduation parties are not for the benefit of the guests of honor (especially funerals). They are actually for the benefit of the attendees (again, especially funerals). To strengthen bonds of community and love.

I should have made the connection before, because after all, what does the Divine need with worship? I'd think anything great enough to create the Universe would be beyond needing unending praise and slavish devotion. I've often wondered if it was human hubris to assume that the Divine needed the attention. 

The real purpose of Worship is to bring the worshipers together. To create community, love, and fellowship as a group. To connect with our fellow worshipers, as well as the Divine

I know that when I am sitting in Silent Worship, I feel so much more in tune with the other Friends. All of us aware of what was inside, and out, as we call to the Light within.

I've always been inclined to stay for the Community and Fellowship events. Realizing that Worship is for us, makes me even more committed to doing so. Whether it be Snack/Coffee, Potluck, or an Ice Cream Social. So I can continue to deepen my connections with my Faith Community. This realization makes me even more devoted to spending time with others I meet in Worship.